Where Can I Find the PDF for Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes?

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Where can I find the PDF for Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes?

Percy himself. He’s often the most intelligent person in the room, and I generally find that the only reason people don’t treat him that way is because he also happens to often be the least informed person in the room. Which isn’t his fault, considering he only knows what he’s been told, and you can’t really logic your way into insights when it comes to supernatural beings who don’t follow all the ordinary rules of reality. When he’s in his element, though, the intelligence shines through quite a lot. All of his fights and escapades involve intense creativity and critical thinking on his end, almost always at the drop of a hat. The sword-fighting in particular was very impressive, because it on top of Percy’s leadership demonstrates a mind that is adept at both battle tactics and long term strategy - a rare thing, given that most other characters only excel at one or none, and also a thing true to life, since tactics require a very different perspective and set of skills than strategy. Annabeth’s called him an idiot for not understanding girls’ feelings, but if you pay attention to his internal monologue, he generally thinks very highly of every girl he meets - in fact, he generally thinks pretty highly of most of his friends, because he sees quite a bit of greatness in all of them. Is it reasonable to expect him to think Annabeth capable of jealousy and pettiness when he simultaneously thinks she’s the smartest person he’s ever met? Is it reasonable to expect him to predict things like Grover’s environmentalism when he knows little to nothing about the supernatural at the time, let alone its nuances? Etc, etc.? Plus, he’s got the right priorities in life, to a degree that’s pretty unusual for someone his age. His fatal flaw isn’t hubris because he knows what he is and isn’t good at, which takes a very underappreciated sort of intelligence that many other characters often lack. He spots an underlying problem with Kronos’ uprising that none of the good guys really address before he does, and that’s not the kind of thing a stupid person would notice. He understands the importance of addressing harsh truths whenever necessary, regardless of what the short term cost may be. Finally, he’s got excellent street smarts. Every villain he ever meets is someone whom he’s able to accurately size up within the length of a single conversation - at least, with regards to personality and psychology. Simultaneously, everyone who either starts as or turns out to be a friend is also someone he generally finds commonality with simply by having a few moments with them. Again, he can’t be expected to deduce in advance secrets and specific details that are revealed later, but the information he comes up with is often incredibly useful precisely because it cuts to the heart of any given matter. Of course, every single character in the series is like this to a certain extent. Rick Riordan writes the same sort of sarcastic, analytical cynicism into every one of them. But Percy is more or less defined by it because that’s his primary weapon for every situation - everyone else usually has a few other things motivating and helping them. I don’t know about you guys, but I generally find it attractive when a guy isn’t stupid. Especially when it would’ve been really easy to write him that way.

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It feels a lot more fun, and also a lot more exciting, to write a character who is not only genuinely clueless about anything, but also genuinely ignorant when it comes to his own strengths and weaknesses as a character. Percy is incredibly intelligent, in spite of being completely oblivious to everything about that intelligence. That sort of thing is just… I don’t know, compelling. His powers give him the ability to sense and understand how others see the world, which is both an incredibly useful skill and extremely useful for his own purposes in story because of how well it works with his super-accuracy. As for his ability to accurately see the world through his perception of it as he perceives it, that's just another skill that is very useful for him to have and uses pretty consistently throughout the series. His ability to predict future events is.