When Will Upsc Exam 2017 Will Be Notified And Who Can Apply for This?

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When will UPSC exam 2017 will be notified and who can apply for this exam?

First let's clear some confusion surrounding the word start. Unlike skills such as programming or cycling where everyone actually starts from zero level there is no such zero level when it comes to UPSC. For instance, if one likes reading newspaper, watching news and has keen interest in things happening in the world then even 5–6 months of preparation would be enough to clear the exam. On the other hand, I have also met students who would have last read a newspaper in school days and may have never bothered to develop an interest in economy or social issues. For such students just to reach a level where t start appreciating what UPSC exam is all about may take 6 months and would really struggle to complete the syllabus in 8–9 months. Ideally the very reason that you have decided to join civil services should mean that you are well aware of the challenges that our country is facing and possible changes that you want to bring about. If you have such a clear vision then a short span of ~1 year is enough to ace this exam otherwise not. One should also not fall in the trap of drawing conclusions from looking at few outliers who are simply brilliant enough to clear this exam in less than a year and getting convinced that you would also repeat the same feat when actually you are absolutely clueless about this exam.

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When talking about the exam itself, one can't just look at how many questions are asked/answered and get a sense of which exams are tougher than others. You can be very sure that most students who manage to pass and get admission in civil services exam have already spent several hours, day or night on study before giving their answer choices. It is also important to note that students generally have a very strict schedule which usually begins by 9 in the morning and lasts till 12-2 in the evening if you happen to be studying on the weekend. I personally managed to get into UPSC by 9-11am and finished exam at Polish in morning and was not even completely done by 2:30 in night. So if you are seriously looking to prepare for UPSC then take an extended break. I have learned a lot from taking a break too.

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