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When submitting a resume, what file type is preferable (E.g. PDF, word, ect)?

Great question! This is often a hot topic as to whether you should submit your resume as a Word document or PDF. After talking to several HR professionals and conducting some personal research the best answer to this question is it varies based on where you are submitting your resume. Here are some examples as to when you should submit your resume in a doc vs a pdf. Word Document. When you are applying to a job indirectly i.e. company website, Indeed, LinkedIn etc. you should always submit your resume via a word document. The main reason for this is that when an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is being used your document has the highest readability with a Word Document. A pdf is essentially a picture of the document and thus sometimes the content and keywords may be skipped over when being scanned. Thus, it is imperative to submit a Word Document to ensure all of your information is accounted for. PDF. Now if you are sending your resume directly to a Hiring Manager or Recruiter it is suggested that you send it as a pdf document. This ensures that the document format stays the same across all word versions and computers. Most likely an ATS system won’t be used in this scenario so you want to ensure your document is easy for the human eye to scan and read. It is important to note, that if the job posting requires a certain format to be uploaded be sure to follow their exact steps. Or if you have the option to submit both a word and pdf version then, by all means, do so that you can cover all of your bases. But typically the good rule of thumb is that if you are submitting indirectly go with a word document, but if it going directly to the hands/computer of someone then pdf is the best option.

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Type on PDF: All You Need to Know

Now for resumes in PDF format we advise for more advanced or higher level candidates to submit both a word and PDF document and cover all of your bases in each file. When submitting both a PDF and a Word document try to include as much of the details as you can. There are times when a good candidate may not know what their skills are. This is ok if they are applying for jobs that require skills that they may not possess, but sometimes it is important to have your resume in a single file that can be used across the web by various platforms without making the recruiter or hiring team have to change/upgrade their software. When applying for a job in general, do your best to describe yourself as a job specific keyword phrase. This will assist recruiters when searching for candidates on more than one.