What Would Be Some Good Approaches to Writing a Browser Extension?

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What would be some good approaches to writing a browser extension that allowed the browser to view *only* HTML pages that contain links to a particular type of file (PDF)?

No extension needed as the functionality is built-in. However you need to “Print” the page to a PDF rather than “Save” it. On the page you want to save, select Print and set the Destination to “Save as PDF” or “Save to Google Drive”. Both will produce a PDF file except one will be downloaded to your computer while the other will be saved to your Google Drive.

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However, Google Drive is recommended if you use Microsoft OneDrive. How many times will it be downloaded to your computer? Each page will be downloaded approximately 2,500 times before being saved in your Google Drive. How many emails will it send? “Download” each web page in its entirety, so there won't be any email attachment(s). How many emails will it send for printing after printing? How does the app work? The app does not require a subscription to use. However, you may be required to sign-in to access some functions during their free trial. If you receive an authorization error please contact us by e-mail at supportspacenetprinting.