What Is a Computer Trick That in the Past Was Cool?

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What is a computer "trick" that in the past was cool, but today is unimpressive and trivial?

Well, I considered this "cool" when I was in 7th grade. We had the software Microsoft Word that year. I love to read a lot and I had recently read Chetan Bhagat's One night @ the call center at that time. In that book, there was mention of a bug in Word. If you type in, =rand(200,99) It pours out a few thousand pages of text. It looks something like this. ​ ​ This is the trick. It seemed pretty cool back then. But what happened in class was pretty funny. Our teacher used to teach the class on a projector and one day he was teaching text formatting. He asked me to type in any paragraph while he ducked out of class for some work or something. I sat down in front of the keyboard while the teacher left. I typed this code in and pressed enter. The whole class didn't notice because who pays attention to the chalk board when the teacher's not in the class, right? A few minutes layer, the teacher walked in and the expression on his face was amazingly astounded. He asked me how I did it and I replied, "Magic!" It was worth getting kicked out of class. ​

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