What Do You Prefer An E Book Or a Real Book?

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What do you prefer an E-book or a Real book?

I think E-books are not bad it is just people don’t adapt to it easily. In my opinion these may the reasons behind it. Human mind takes time to adapt. From our childhood (especially people birth dates before 90’s ) are used to books instead of e-books. So now t may consider e-books bad. If you are reading some text book on your electronic device , your brain (If I’m right) finds it hard to distinguish between the things you are reading, so when you try to remember something you don’t have the sufficient identifiers. For example, books have different page, every page have some different characteristics, content of the page, positioning of content is fixed, etc. whereas in e-books you have only one screen, no fixed positioning of content as we scroll pages by our will, etc. I think our photographic memory struggles to capture thing in a unique way. Health issues. If brightness is not properly set or you are holding it close to your eyes, your eyes would definitely suffer. If you are using phone with higher SAR value it can harm tissues. If you are using some mobile phone while charging that have tendency to blast, can cause injuries .P. Some human have tendency to criticize each and everything. People are resistant to change. I may add some points to this in future. This is my second time I’m answering any Question, so please forgive me if I have made some mistake or you find any of my point inappropriate. .)

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I am also happy that I can read online in any language. I feel that it is very refreshing if I can read the text in the language I am fluent. I do not like reading in the original language, which can be very tedious. With all these benefits, I am getting e-books again. E-books are just a new form of reading experience to me. If you like e-books, it is the best way to read books online if you are not sure of whether to read or not to read. E-Books are not that expensive. While researching I came across a good example. If you are interested in this topic, check out ‪Mystical Book Collection‬ from Amazon. This is one of the best book collections to discover the hidden secrets of the books or mysteries in books, you would come across on your own. If you ever wondered what.