Is there Any Law in Your Country to Protect the Right of Individuals?

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Is there any law in your country to protect the right of individuals with ADHD? What type of disorder is ADHD? Do females and children face more problem with ADHD disorder? PDF Available from:

Yes. When I went to school, I didn’t know that I had ADHD. In elementary school and the beginning of High School, my grades were okay. When I was 16, I decided that I wanted to study medicine after High School. Therefore, I decided to have very good grades. That is necessary to be accepted to med school at a public university directly after High School in Germany. There were few classes in which I succeeded almost effortless, like Maths. But in general, it was exhausting. Whenever I had bad grades, I believed that it was completely my fault and that I needed to try harder to reach my goals. I convinced my self that everyone else is also incapable of directing one’s attention. I believed that everyone needs to read sentences twice and forgets 90% of what the teacher says in class. I spent lots of time studying and it was very bad for my mental health. Every day was a struggle for me. I reached my goal. My grades were good enough to be accepted for studying medicine and I even got a scholarship directly after High School because of my grades. One year later, when I wanted to be tested for ADHD, multiple psychiatrists and psychotherapists told me that I couldn’t have ADHD because it would be impossible to have excellent grades in school while having an untreated ADHD. So, it is possible. Maybe for some ADHD patients, it’s easy. But for me, personally, it felt like torture and I regret neglecting my mental health to that extent.

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I had to take very, very many medications for me to feel more normal during school hours than I did at home. For example, I stopped taking Prozac because I found that it made me extremely depressed during the day. I started taking Pail because I was a bit afraid of having a drop in my grades in middle school because of my ADHD. Then, things got complicated. Due to a family matter that I didn’t want to disclose to my parents because I wasn’t 100% sure how this was going to affect me (I later learned that his condition was not benign. Eventually, he had a kidney stone) I had to stop taking Pail. I had also to stop the other psychiatric medications because of this, as I was very uncomfortable to take them. In addition, I started using a different medication because it helped me get more focused.

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