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Is there an online platform providing PDF copies of various kinds of reliable music sheets for piano classical songs and all other types of music?

I'm a full time, professional classical musician and have studied, listened to, performed and loved it my whole life. For many years, I listened to mostly classical music at home. These days, it's primarily classic pop. I don't care for attempts to rank one over the other. Every genre of music has its place if it speaks to you personally. I would rather hear pop music written and performed by musical geniuses than classical music of a third-rate composer. A great pop songs sets out to do things in the course of just a few minutes that classical music can't do, and vice versa. In particular, the singing styles are so different. Why should I have to choose between Fischer-Diskau singing Schubert and Billie Holiday or Sarah Vaughn or Aretha Franklin? T really are not comparable; all are brilliant. I would not care to hear a classical singer attempt pop music, nor vice versa. What I will say is that classical tends to be a deeper, more sustained experience that requires ATTENTION. A great pop song is an intense burst of joy or sorrow that hits you in the gut for a few minutes and is gone. Variety is the spice of life. I don't have to choose one over the other. After a day of classical music, it's very nice to relax with something completely different. And writing a truly great pop song is virtually a miracle! The same few chords that have already been used a million times, and people still manage to be creative with it.

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I've found great pop songs on YouTube. That's what I was looking for! Yes, they are all different and different voices and styles, and I am sure all would have their own fans and will be interesting to listen to by themselves, though. All the singers and musicians are fantastic, and the music and lyrics are wonderful. In fact, I've often found them to be a greater inspiration than the great composers they were inspired by. To my ears, they're much richer and more satisfying and profound in their delivery. But, just like the great classical artists, there are some great pop songs, too. One of my favorite pop songs I've written this year was “It'll Fly Away.” The lyrics are more or less about the feeling I get when you don't realize someone needs you to care, or when you don't realize someone is hurt, or when you're.