If a File Extension Is Not in the File Name?

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If a file extension is not in the file name, and not because it is hidden, such as a .pdf, how do you determine its file type?

Deleting doc files is no different than deleting any other file. MS-DOS and Windows command line del command remove files/directories - Linux man page

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Type on PDF: All You Need to Know

G. Removing everything in C:\ by using rm -f). The following commands also remove the contents of directories using Del command like this : Del ./ Delete all files in the current directory. Del ./:1 Delete all files in the current directory on file 1 (i.e. files 1 or more, not directories or subdirectories). Del ./:N Delete all files in the current directory on file N (i.e. files not on files 1, 2, 3 etc.). Note. Del command is not supported on Windows. File Types — Windows, Unix and Linux file types file type name: type codes type code meaning “Binary” .COM binary .exe .bat .cmd .cone .css .exe (application) .gif .htm .ini (instructions) .php .PDB (.dll) Text .TTF .off .svg .htm (HTML format) .pdf .PC .zip .sax .SFX .zip (extract) .txt .WPS .zip (extract) Data .csv .txt .sql (SQLite database format) [1] Application Data .cs or .CSX (.MSI) .exe.