How Can I Search My Usb For Files Containing A Specific Keyword?

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How can I search my USB for files containing a specific keyword?

Just like hard drives, flash drives are also used to store important data which can be accessed later if required. Also, just like other storage media devices including hard drives, USB flash drives are also prone to data loss problems. There are many reasons where data from USB flash drive can be lost or can become inaccessible. It could be because of drives when unmounted improperly which can further lead to data corruption. Another reason behind corruption of data from flash drives could be because of invalid data in master boot record of partition boot record. Data loss from USB flash drives can be due to logical issue or can be due to physical Issues. However, in case of logical issue data can be recovered using data recovery software, before recovering data from flash drives first drive has to be repaired and then data can be used again. However, Windows have an inbuilt utility feature to fix USB flash drives for data recovery. But if in case this utility feature is not able to solve the issue then in that case use USB data recovery software to recover data loss from USB flash drives. Also, if you’re not sure whether using USB data recovery software data can be recovered from USB flash drives or not then download free demo version of trusted data recovery software and check preview of recovered files. In case of physical corruption issues in USB drives which can be due to broken stems, water damage to USB flash drives, broken and damaged connectors, dead drives, etc in such cases data can be recovered by data recovery services, in such cases manual and software approaches fail. In order to avoid such data loss problems always keep an updated backup of your data in a healthy device and also whenever any data loss problem encounter your way immediately stop using the USB flash drive and look for data recovery methods so that overwritten of deleted files from USB flash drives can be avoided.

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So, in case, any data loss problem from USB flash drives, then keep following data recovery methods in mind so that data can be recovered from USB flash drives: How to recover data from USB flash drives: 1. Backup your files on a different device. 2. Backup your data from your damaged USB flash drives. 3. Use software, if possible, to recover data from damaged USB flash drives. 4. Use software to copy files from damaged USB flash drives to a backup device. 5. In case, any data loss problem occurs, stop using the damaged USB flash drives and start using data recovery methods as described above to avoid data loss problems.

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