Can Someone Help Me Get a PDF on Types of Ships That Carry Dangerous?

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Can someone help me get a PDF on types of ships that carry dangerous cargo through my email:

That is not an easy task. First, you would have to access a ship location tracker that has realtime coverage, such as Vessel Finder’s Real-Time AIS. Then you would need to use the vessel registry from that to locate the owner’s site, and IF t have it listed the email address of that vessel. Most of those are filtered through the company first before it is ever relayed to the ship itself. And once it does get passed through to the ship it tends to go to a computer that is not tied to much more than the vessel’s private network and not linked to anything sensitive for ship’s systems or operations, like Navigation. aka you can chat with the ship’s officers/crew but that is about it. Mind you various ships and companies will do things differently, and for warships you will not get anything more than location data and the basic vessel identification, and in almost all cases will draw some attention that you are trying to gain said information. Any nation with a significant navy isn’t going to want you getting access to anything more than the AIS data without going through all of the proper channels.

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Second is the matter of getting the right vessel information first. If that means getting that ship from DISC or other sources, I could understand it. And I think most are going to have to rely on their ship's internal record keeping, not on the ships themselves. But what I have seen of the DISC ships means you would most likely have to either have an escort to bring it on and off the docks, or be able to hack access to the data and get a hold of the information it is recorded (though there are some ships which were built with the ability to do that which does not seem to ever be exploited for anything). In theory, anyone with the technical know-how would be able to hack into a vessel, get it, hack into the database which holds all ship registries, and download it all on their laptop. You.

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